WOW was born from my own personal experience as a single mother. I realized that single mothers, especially working single mothers, need assistance and are severely under served.  We are a very small non-profit and our entirely funded by donations of various kinds, gift cards, cash, rummage sale proceeds, paypal, fundraising by others, etc. We appreciate the efforts of many who have allowed us to provide our scholarships, maintain our website, and continue to our contribution in lending “A Helping Hand” to others.

We have updated our site, cleaned up our resource section and will be adding more content in the months to come. So please be on the lookout for that!

We have been able to have a vast “Resource Section” that we do because of people like YOU helping us by submitting websites that you have found helpful to yourselves and wanted to share them with others. We THANK YOU for that!

We are always seeking truly beneficial and helpful websites from all States as we are planning on expanding our State Resource Section as we certainly wish to add more States to that list!

If you come across any websites that you find helpful in your search for assistance, please feel free to pass them on to us at for review.

Please also check out our Facebook page which we will be updating and managing on a timely basis!