Welcome to Women empOwering Women, Inc.  We are glad that you stopped by to check us out! 

WOW was born from my own personal experience as a single mother. I realized that single mothers, especially working single mothers, need assistance and are severely under served.  

Our web site and organization are here to help you. Single Moms are one of our world’s most valuable, yet under recognized and appreciated populations. Let WOW be your “Helping Hand”, and never feel alone, we are here! Each and every single mom’s story is different. Whether you have been physically and emotionally abused, have money issues, challenging children to raise, substance abuse issues, or finding that life is not as fun as it once was, just remember, there are many “Helping Hands” ready to help educate, inspire and “empower” you to seek out the solutions to your challenges. Knowledge is power and unlocks the key to your dreams for yourself and your children. One day, down the road, you can be a “Helping Hand” to someone else!

We hope WOW helps to provide resources and tools that are not only helpful in your every day life, but also there to inspire and empower you to be the best single mom you can be!